june 28

my twd blog won most friendly blog, most helpful blog & best overall blog @ the twd blog awards!

july 5

check out my new blog theleftovers-hbo, dedicated to hbo's the leftovers.

the leftovers (s1)

extant (s1)

the strain (s1)

lost (s2)

true detective (s1)

a game of thrones, by george r. r. martin

the walking dead, by robert kirkman)

fables, by bill willingham

resident evil 6

silent hill: origins

the walking dead

the wolf among us


American Horror Story: Freak Show main titles

Walker inside, got my shoe

d i d n ’ t g e t m e


the only nation i will ever rule is procrastination

favourite characters:
↳ shaun, shaun of the dead.


LOOKS LIKE MEAT’S BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS" bellows the Orc to his Orc friends. Orcs know what menus are. Orcs know what restaurants are. are there bistros in Mordor? these are the questions i need answering

By me wearing Uggs does that mean I’ve totally given up on life?

You’re allowed two hugs, one on arrival and one on d e p a r t u r e.


listen songs with a simple melody or tune, that feel effortlessly but beautifully created.