june 28

my twd blog won most friendly blog, most helpful blog & best overall blog @ the twd blog awards!

july 5

check out my new blog theleftovers-hbo, dedicated to hbo's the leftovers.

the leftovers (s1)

extant (s1)

the strain (s1)

lost (s2)

true detective (s1)

a game of thrones, by george r. r. martin

the walking dead, by robert kirkman)

fables, by bill willingham

resident evil 6

silent hill: origins

the walking dead

the wolf among us

mythology meme:  [4/6] creatures or beings

↳ Angels

In Christian tradition, angels are divine creatures created for a single purpose – to love and serve God. Biblical angels are fearsome beings, divided into nine heavenly choirs; from highest to lowest, the order reads as follows: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.

Fallen angels are often described as devils or demons, the leader of whom is an entity once known as the Morning Star, God’s most beloved angel – Lucifer.

twd meme: five relationships → rick and michonne (1/5)


never talk about the clone club

jaimelannisters replied to your post “[[MOR] lmao @ people in this fandom who constantly post shitty,…”

don’t you just love it when gross opinions about characters are shrugged off as “it’s not real” when they actually mirror what the person is irl and should be regarded as such

oh absolutely! :) that’s what i love the most about this website tbh.

please go ahead and tell us how much you wish you could beat that female character to death for breathing the same air as your favorite male character. that doesn’t make you a shitty person at all. i mean that’s actually so funny and also who cares, she’s just a character right? it’s not like violence against women is an actual problem of alarming proportions right?

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get to know me meme
↳ Shaun of the Dead  ||  [4/∞] favorite movies

You’re strong, Clem. You can do anything… You’re gonna see bad stuff, but it’s okay.”